Dion’s Story

June 3, 2022


Dion has a soft, open heart for Christ, and is eager to learn about Him. He’s a very mature sophomore, who easily looks four years older than he is! Let me put it this way, the dude was made for sports. He loves to play basketball and football, play video games, and hang out with friends. Dion has a natural tendency to help others and he quickly puts others before himself.

Dion grew up in the church and first heard about Jesus from his grandfather. These days Dion is taking the next step in making a strong, lasting, personal relationship with Christ. And he’s doing it with Campus Life.

Dion heard about Campus Life from a friend who just wanted to get a free bite to eat at Club. Even though he first came only for the pizza, he stayed for something better. Dion shared, “I go to church when I have time, but Campus Life was an easy way to stop and learn about Jesus, and build a better connection with Him.”

At Campus Life, Dion heard testimonies and made connections with leaders who took an interest in him. The relationships were what Dion came back for. “They’re like an older brother. They’re just trying to help me down the right path. I just have to take in what they’re telling me.” 

God is using Campus Life to help Dion stay focused on Christ and live in sync with him. Dion’s probably going to play college ball, but ultimately he wants to serve as a nurse, a motivational speaker, and as an activist to produce positive change in the world. Dion wants people to see Christ in him. “I want to do it for Him…He’s setting me up on the right path..He’s giving me that step, I just have to go and take it.”

Dion is one of many youths whose life and purpose are being shaped by God giving life to their story. Way to go Dion!