Reedley Campus Life takes off

March 10, 2023


For Reedley Campus Life it all started with a community that knew more youth of their town needed to hear the gospel. As we met in our first couple of meetings it was abundantly clear that Reedley High students were ready and looking for a faith-based club on their campus. We started with two weeks left of school just going on to campus and meeting new students, faculty, and frankly anyone who would give us the time to talk about what was starting at RHS.

As the school year came to an end we knew we wanted to continue hanging out with students building those relationships and hearing their stories. We started planning hangouts every other week. Doing multiple swim parties, park hang-out days, and Dutch Bro’s hangs just to name a few. The kids had fun and we got to get to know them and their stories. We established a solid group of leadership students who wanted to see Campus Life grow and become the best club on campus.

Turning from Summer to Fall we were ready to be on campus hanging out with students and sharing the Gospel with them with the help of our ministry leaders and team. We began with our club rush and started meeting weekly from that point on. We are currently meeting weekly on Tuesday at lunch and Wednesday mornings for a small group.

We are in the works of adding a middle school campus to our ministry that feeds into Reedley High School. It also looks, God willing, that we will add Orange Cove High School in the area. I am excited to be able to reach more kids in south Fresno county with the gospel.

Below are some quick stats on Campus Life in the Reedley area:

  • We engage with an average of  70 kids weekly at RHS
  • 7 students made a new decision to follow Jesus this year!
  • 8 ministry leaders are volunteering on campus engaging in authentic relationships with kids through Campus Life.
  • Campus Life is set to grow from 1 to 3 schools this next year in the Reedley area.

Special thanks to those that funded the launch and our ministry partners including Redeemers Church, Reedley MB Church, Gordon Wiebe and the launch team, the Reedley Campus Life prayer team, Community Youth Ministries, and Living Legacy Foundation!

May God continue to lead the way into kids lives,

Tommy Gayton, Reedley Campus Life Coordinator