Jackson grows closer to Jesus at Campus Life!

December 16, 2022


Hey there everyone I’m Jackson and I’m writing this to let you know about club at Roosevelt High School, and what it has done for my life.

We meet every Tuesday at lunchtime and around 30 students come in grab a piece of pizza and sit down. We  pray, and then we talk about God, Jesus, and the Holy spirit. Club has allowed to me to have a closer and growing relationship with God.

Every week I am taught some new things that I didn’t know about Jesus and new things that I didn’t know that were in the Bible. Even if I do know some of the things that we talk about, I still learn something new.

Another thing that club has done for my life is it has let me take things from the Bible that we talk about and put them into my every day life. I love how my YFC leader Cam and the people that help run club explain the Bible in our every day lives.

They know how to explain it in a way to where all high schoolers can understand what the Bible means, and what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Overall this club has helped me in my life and I am truly blessed to be a part of it. It’s given me the chance to grow and get closer with Jesus every week.

– Jackson at Roosevelt High School

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