You are a ministry leader!

Volunteer with your unique gift

Give time for kingdom impact!

You are a ministry leader! Volunteer an hour or two a week with a kid, as a student leader, or in the organization to help more kids meet Jesus.

We are compelled by Christ's love to go with the good news of Jesus to kids who do not yet know him. Let's go together!

Ministry leaders fill out an application with references, pass a background check and receive training before joining a team to serve.

Use your gifts to help kids meet Jesus!

Share Christ with your peers

Student Leader

Help run a Campus Life Club where your campus meets Jesus! You will have a dedicated mentor to help you grow, discover, and use your unique gifts. Help run a game, share a testimony or welcome a new student to club.

Share Christ directly with students

Ministry Leader

Learn a kid's story, share your own, and connect it all with God's! 1-2 hours a week in an environment with studnets makes a big impact. There are many options for location and schedules. Hop in and serve with a team.

Use your admin skills to further the mission!

Administrative Leader

Work with the admin staff team to help it all work smoothly and effectively! Help organize, update, handle special projects, help at an event. If you have a skill to share then you can use it to further the mission.

Give Life To Your Story

What does it look like to serve?

From a Ministry Leader

Don’t forget about our youth! Many think their life is over from the mistakes they’ve made, and that they’ll be judged forever. We get to instill hope in them through a relationship with Christ. Your giving, serving and prayer matters. Change is possible because God is on the move!

- DeAnthony Watson

There are lots of opportunities based on location and time

Where is God calling you to?

Make an impact with your presence