YFC Camp: Irene

August 9, 2022


It was a long bus ride to Sierra Christian Camp this summer for YFC Camp. Driving up the mountains near Bakersfield, to this special place in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, I prayed for God to meet the kids filling the seats behind me. Most of them had been involved in Campus Life this past year and this was our big summer bash. I was expectant and also a little queasy going up those windy roads.

When we got there we unpacked everything and that’s when I got to meet who my friends were for that week, the girls of Cabin #7. We nicknamed our cabin “7th heaven.” Almost right away I felt God highlighting one kid in the group, her name was Irene.

We all had so much fun together and the best part was that every activity and every small group discussion was centered around Jesus. Some of these kids had never been to camp or a fun activity like this and camp gives them the opportunity to try out all sorts of new things. There is hiking, rock climbing, slip-n-slide kickball (that one is funny to watch), and much much more!

On our very first small group discussion, day one, I am feeling that Holy-Spirit-pull towards Irene. I had the opportunity to share part of my testimony and just how faithful and loving Jesus is to me. Irene wanted to know more about this Jesus guy, so I had a one on one with her. She began to cry tears of joy and I got to lead her through accepting Jesus for herself. It wasn’t just a “repeat after me” type of thing, she really meant this from the bottom of her heart. She wanted more of Jesus and He showed up to meet with her at the top of this dusty mountain at Sierra Christian Camp! I know in my heart, based on this young girl’s hunger for Jesus, that this moment won’t be forgotten and she will always be able to look back at the first time she met Jesus.

We have a very important mission at YFC. I read a study once that 85% of professing Christian’s decided to follow Jesus as teenagers. Finding that out was a ‘woah!’ moment for me. In a world where around every corner is something else trying to deter kids from Jesus, here you have Irene experiencing Him first hand because someone was able to go to her actual school, build a relationship, and experience something like camp together. All of the weaving and maneuvering God put into making this one precious moment happen for Irene is absolutely marvelous to me. He loves her so much. It is an honor to witness the love that Jesus has for these kids and be used by Him in this ministry field to see lost kids come to Christ.

Courtney, YFC Ministry Staff: Campus Life-M