This is what following Jesus looks like!

March 6, 2024


This is what following Jesus looks like!

Gage is a great kid who loves to play football in the rain with his friends and fix up an old Chevy with his uncle, but until this year he didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. This month his Campus Life leader Courtney took him to church and there Gage heard the gospel again and decided to say Yes to Jesus!


One of Gage’s first moves as a Christian was to get Courtney to start a small group Bible Study at school so he could invite his friends to it. Courtney was excited to teach the kids how to read God’s word for themselves so she bought each of them a personalized Bible. They were thrilled!

During the Bible study Gage’s two friends were locked in on every word of scripture. Courtney felt compelled to share the gospel and the two friends that Gage brought followed in his footsteps and excitedly accepted Jesus too! “I’m not gonna ever be on drugs,” one of the boys said, “because I’m on God!”

It’s amazing the lengths we go to with our fleshly power in the pursuit of change. Last presidential election we spent $14.3 billion in the hopes of political and cultural change. That’s about $43 for every person that lives in the country.

I don’t think Gage has that kind of cash. But what he did have were two friends, an invitation, and the Holy Spirit. Courtney had some Bibles, a willingness to show up, and the Holy Spirit. They used what they had for the kingdom and look what God did with it. Two more eternities changed forever. Two more lives hooked on God.

Many folks reached out after last months letter. Some gave an extra gift, and others signed up to volunteer. I was so personally encouraged to see people using what God has given them for His kingdom. It means God gets to multiply it.

I want you to know that you are a blessing to this ministry and to the mission. Moreover, I believe our offerings please our Father God!

When I spend time with the community of ministry leaders and partners, I see more than enough to reach the lost of Fresno and Madera counties. When I try and figure out how this budget and this manpower are engaging 3,000 teens in our programming and actively sharing Christ with 1,500 lost teens I remember that in God-math “two plus two” equals far more than four. Why? Because the very power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us (Romans 8:11).

So, let’s be like Gage this week. After all, it’s what following Jesus looks like.





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