Working With Youth

YFC reaches youth with the gospel through 6 core ministries. Check out the core ministries below.

If you think one might be a good fit for you, fill out the form at the bottom and we'll be in touch soon!



  : 2-3 hours/week including an open lunch time.

  : Coach student leaders and help students with campus ministries

  : Connect students with YFC resources and trainings


2) Campus Life - Middle School

  : 1-2 hours/wk, before, during lunch, or after school depending on site.

  : Interact with kids, play fun games, share Christ in relationships


3) Campus Life - High School

  : About 3 hours/week including time spent at club, preparing with team and engaging youth outside of club.

  : Participate in club, leading small group questions, helping with games, connecting with youth.


4) Parent Life

  : 3 hours a week, Thursday nights and/or lunchtimes

  : Volunteers help drive teens and their children to activities/club

  : Volunteers can also help by providing meals, baby items for the boutique, and camp scholarships etc.


5) City Life

  : 1-3 hours/week

  : City Life welcomes flexible and entrepreneurial volunteers who engage youth where needed and/or create programs based on volunteer giftings.

  : Volunteers impact by being consistant, stable, positive, godly role-models in long-term relationships with youth. 


6) Juvenile Justice Ministries

 : 2 hour/week

  : Join a team to create Christ sharing relationships with incarcerated teens or kids living in group home settings.

  : Volunteers teach lessons from scripture, participate in small groups and connect 1-on-1 with youth.


Thanks for your interest. More information on our current ministries, types and sites, can be found here!

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