Over The Top (OTT) Campaign is all about reaching more youth for Christ.

In 2015 the Life*Leadership*Legacy (LLL) Campaign was launched to enhance and expand YFC ministry. In December of 2018 the campaign successfully concluded having far exceeded our hopes and dreams. Now we are going “over the top” for kids by completing long-awaited grounds improvements at the Campus Life Center.

Before we go over the top, celebrate with us that the “LLL” campaign accomplished three goals:

-Life. Enhancing and expanding our current ministries, through our downtown City Life Center and beyond, giving life to kids’ stories.  

-Leadership. A new, additional platform for reaching kids in north Fresno, Clovis, and surroundingareas. The Campus Life Center on Chestnut opened in the fall of 2016, and it’s THRIVING - developing this generation of kids into the next generation of Christian leaders.  

-Legacy. Expansion requires resources like those that will be provided through endowment funding – a way to facilitate major donations such as estate gifts, stock and real estate. These are gifts that will keep on giving.  

The campaign raised awareness of the existence and relevance of Youth For Christ, and increased our visibility and accessibility to area youth (and adults). With over 25 staff and more ministry sites than ever before, YFC is reaching thousands of kids with loving, Christ-sharing relationships and programming. 

Thanks to community support, we are able to reach kids at an unprecedented level. 


Now, we want to go “over the top” for kids by completing long-awaited grounds improvements at the Campus Life Center. 

With an undeveloped acre in the back we are already on our way to raising the needed $250,000 to put in fields, irrigation, courts, lighting, and walkways by December 2020. Kids need safe spaces to play, and this will be exactly that. Consider this an invitation to keep on giving in order to go "Over The Top" at our Campus Life Center!

We are so thankful to you, our friends and partners, in making ministry happen, making dreams come true, and making a difference in kids' lives. Thank YOU for supporting what God is doing through YFC in the mission of sharing the Gospel with area youth.  

"See, I am doing a new thing..." Isaiah 43:19

Updated 2020 - Read past updates here