MARCH 2013

Posted on by Ed Kaczmarek

An update and a story.

Update from Carolyn, Director of Campus Life-M (Middle School ministry) as seen on Facebook:

Things have been busy, getting ready for camp April 12-14 and getting kids back into the routine of club.  Some praises:

-Volunteers are able to have great conversations with kids at clubs. What a blessing that YFC is able to give a listening ear to these young people. We have GREAT volunteers in CLM.

-We have one girl signed up for camp!! (This is a prayer request as well - we hope that all the interest that the kids express turns into sign-ups) [But…] some kids are hesitant to sign up due to finances. I don't want this to be a hindrance. We as a volunteer team are fundraising to help send our kids.  We are selling Frozen Cinnamon Rolls $10 and Lanna Coffee for $15. [Call YFC to purchase]

-So far [this year] we have had 7 kids make a decision to follow Christ!

- I am meeting with a teacher next week to talk about what a club might look like at her school.

A lot is happening and this is just a snapshot. Thank you for your prayers in advance!

Story by Jameson White, Friend2Friend student-led ministry:

Brandon & Erica [photo above] and I met through a divine appointment that resulted in the start of the “Set Apart Club” at Roosevelt High School. Set Apart faithfully shares the gospel and invites students into a relationship with God and each other. After graduating, Brandon passed the club off to his VP, Erica [photo below, far left], who did a great job raising up new leaders and keeping the ministry thriving. These two are some of the finest student-leaders I've worked with who love the Lord and speak openly about Him with their peers.

It is an enormous joy of mine to have been there at the beginning of their relationship - when they decided to "wait to date" for the sake of serving the Lord - to this year and their engagement while pursuing college and careers! Brandon also continues as a volunteer with the club, enabling and encouraging the ministry he helped found.

These stories and updates brought to you by YFC, thanks to our heavenly Father’s provision and guidance, and thanks to your obedience in prayer and support.

Ed Kaczmarek   
Executive Director

P. S. Mark your calendar: 46th Annual Youth for Christ Golf Classic, Thursday, April 25th, 2013. Thanks to our first Hosting Sponsor – DerManouel Insurance. 

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