Life*Leadership*Legacy Fall Update

Posted on by Ed Kaczmarek

LIFE* - We have already made improvements to our City Life Center and associated ministries with incoming campaign funds.  We have improved our multipurpose room for youth, hired a Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and train new volunteers, hired additional campus staff, and soon we'll be installing a donated solar panel system on our building.


LEADERSHIP* - Our new Campus Life Center, located on Chestnut just south of Shepherd, is amidst its remodel. Most of the summer and early fall have been spent coordinating plans, securing donations, and getting permits.  There has been a lot of demo work and infrastructure installation (sewer, water, propane, concrete, etc).  The list of in-kind donors is staggering!  As you read this electrical should have been installed, allowing us to insulate and sheet the walls.  Once that happens things will move fast.  Our best guesstimates aim for a grand opening before year end.  Campaign funds are funding the property, the remodel, and our new Campus Life couple, Jeremiah and Cambria Spears.


LEGACY* - This is the crowning achievement of the campaign.  Funds are yet to be allocated to this segment as we work to complete the Campus Life Center.  This endowment will stabilize YFC's future ministry as earnings will be used to perpetuate important programs.


This campaign has been exciting, exasperating, challenging, thrilling, inspiring... all the above!  I am so thankful for a growing family of more than 300 donors who have given or pledged toward YFC's growth and future.  May God bless you as you give, and may God use YFC to reach the next generation in a big way!

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