Life*Leadership*Legacy January Update

Posted on by Ed Kaczmarek

The YFC Life*Leadership*Legacy Campaign is going strong!  Currently we've raised about $1.0M toward our $1.5M goal.

LIFE* - The Campaign includes improvements to our downtown City Life Center.  With the help of a local donor and Arise Solar, we've installed a lightly-used solar panel system on our building.  We will be making power and saving money very soon!

LEADERSHIP* -  It's been quite a journey to navigate the city's permit process and get to inspection point for the Campus Life Center; but we are there!  Final inspections will lead to completion of electrical work, then insulating, then stucco and sheet rock.  For a long time the Campus Life Center has been only studs, but now it will begin taking form. Once the sheet rock is in, we'll be staining the concrete, then we can start working on the finish aspects of the facility - cabinets, trim, lights, etc.  We'll also be pouring a new pool deck and constructing a new pool fence. 

LEGACY* - This is the crowning achievement of the campaign. Funds are yet to be allocated to this segment as we work to complete the Campus Life Center. This endowment will stabilize YFC's future ministry as earnings will be used to perpetuate important programs.


We definitely need financial support to cross the finish line; we will also be interviewing volunteers to work with kids. Contact us if you feel led to help!

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