Norm Wiens

Development and Operations

Starting as a volunteer in 1971, Norm has served as a YFC staff member for 47 years. He brings his years of experience and community relationships to his current role. Each year he heads the Annual YFC Golf Tournament as the Tournament Chairman.


Norm Wiens grew up in San Jose, California and came to Fresno to attend one year at Pacific College, which ended up turning into four full years of college. While there, he was introduced to Youth For Christ (YFC) while working with students across the street in Butler Park as a volunteer. In 1971 he was hired to work part time with these same students, developing a neighborhood ministries program called Crusaders focused on reaching fourth grade through ninth grade boys. Using recreation, Crusaders worked to grow boys mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually through The Balanced Life philosophy of YFC. In 1973, Norm was hired to work full-time with YFC continuing to develop the Neighborhood Ministries program and as Co-Director of Roosevelt Campus Life with Alan Doswald. In 1980, Norm was put in charge of the Youth Guidance division of Youth for Christ overseeing neighborhood and juvenile hall ministries while continuing to direct Roosevelt Campus Life.

Over the next 37 years with YFC, Norm held various positions including director of what would later become known as Campus Life M (middle school) and Director of Development and Operations. He also served as Interim Executive Director from 2005-2006. He served under seven Executive Directors and has run the YFC Golf Classic for over 30 years.

Norm has made a major impact on the community.  Whenever and wherever a YFC staff member sharesthat they work at Youth for Christ, inevitably Norm's name comes up.  Someone from the crowd will come and talk about how they were involved in YFC when they were a kid, and they almost always ask, do you know Norm?  Adults come through the door of the YFC office looking for Norm, to reconnect and share how their lives turned out.  Norm Wiens is an individual who has made an impact on many lives and is fondly remembered throughout the community. 

On numerous occasions, Norm has worked with kids who are court-ordered to complete community service hours.  He doesn't just find tasks for them to accomplish around the office...he talks to them. He listens to their stories.  He teaches them job skills.  Norm can be seen driving the YFC van around town, making sure kids get to activities.  But he doesn’t just drive kids...he considers it a privilege to have conversations while they are on the road.  He is able to listen to their stories, and sometimes he offers life giving advice.  He still is one of the first people who celebrates when he hears about a kid making a decision to follow Christ.  

Through all the years and the many hats worn, Norm has done a wonderful job of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ for over 47 years. Please join YFC in celebrating this pillar of our community as he retires from full time service.  Notes of encouragement can be emailed to [email protected]  


To contact, email: Norm [at]