Jessica Jackson

Campus Life Ministry Staff

During my junior high and high school years, I was mostly told I couldn’t do what I dreamt of becoming. Often times, I was told I wouldn’t make it in certain career fields because of my race and gender. Those years were so hard for me, and over time, the relationship with my mother became weaker and weaker. I didn’t know Christ but always hung around friends who had a strong relationship with him. At 20 years old, I met my husband, Brandon Jackson. We were not living a life according to the Bible in any way. We got pregnant with our oldest daughter Katherine and got married shortly after. Soon, we both decided to follow God wholeheartedly. I was discipled and established a strong personal intimate relationship with Christ; he completely changed my life around. The relationship with my mother was restored because of Christ. I now have a heart for teens, and I always remind them that they CAN be what they want to be, not allowing race, financial background, or gender to stop them. I have a heart to encourage teens across the world that through Christ ALL THINGS are possible. Brandon and I now have three daughters and enjoy serving in ministry as a family. 


To contact, email: Jessica [at]