Dominick Sanchez

Campus Life Ministry Staff

My name is Dominick Sanchez I work as Campus Life Middle school staff at Hoover High School and Ahwahnee Middle School. I love working with kids and teaching them about Jesus. One of my life missions is to include all people in the salvation of Jesus Christ. No matter who you are I believe that you are accepted by God. So in my life this looks like eating and spending time with homeless people or involving that kid who has no friends in a game or church community. 

Some things I like to do on my free time are playing basketball and pretty much everything having to do with basketball. My favorite team is the Lakers. A lot of times I'll get together kids or young adults that I know and we'll watch basketball. Another thing about me is I have been playing drums for 10 years and I have played on worship teams at church for about 7 years. I am a charismatic, high energy guy who loves and cares for all people.


To contact email: Dominick [at]