Brandon Jackson

Campus Life Center Ministry Staff

After failing the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade Brandon Jackson knew he had to change his trajectory. At the age of 16, Brandon connected with a youth pastor at his local church. His youth pastor empowered him to strive for greatness. Brandon got his life together and successfully graduated high school on time.

In 2009 Brandon enlisted in the US Army, where he faithfully served his country during Operation Enduring Freedom. During his enlistment, he met and married his beautiful wife Jessica. They now have 3 beautiful daughters. Brandon served his country for 8 years and was honorably discharged. After his discharge, he felt called by God to serve as a preacher.

Brandon fully embraced this calling as a preacher and is now a youth pastor at On-Ramps Covenant Church. As a youth pastor, he felt he could do more to reach the next generation. He founded a program where he now serves as a Mentor Director to pre-teens, teens, and post-teens. Brandon has influenced hundreds of students to chase after the desires and dreams God has given them.


To contact, email: Brandon [at]