YFC Core shares the gospel through relationships on campus

YFC Core influences the vision, goals and practices of Christian students and clubs on High School campuses; encouraging them to become more like Christ and to see their friends and schools as Jesus does.

On-Campus Clubs are student-led clubs that partner with YFC. We provide support through resources, leadership training and adult mentors. (If you are interested in having a YFC Campus Coach help your leadership team then fill out this brief application & we'll get back to you!)

Core Teams are teams of students with adult coaches who together actively love in a way that naturally invites friends to follow Christ with them.


FRESNO ON-CAMPUS CLUBS (YFC Core) Jameson White, 301-3670

Bullard High School: "L.I.F.E. Club" - Tuesday at 12:00pm, Mr Ainley's Rm. SW #206
Bullard High School Core: Tuesdays at 12:00pm, Mr. Ainley's Rm. SW #206
Clovis East High School: "S.W.A.T." - Thursdays at 12:00pm, Choir Rm
Clovis High School: "The Narrow Road" - Wednesdays lunch, Mrs. Belman's Rm
Edison High School: "Life Club" - Monday/Friday at 1:00pm, Mrs Click Rm 52
McLane High School: "Campus Life" - Wednesdays at 12:06pm, Rm A232
Roosevelt High School: "Set Apart" - Thursdays at 11:30am, Rm 106
Sunnyside High School: "One Way" - Fridays at 11:30am, Rm N-144
University High School: "Life Club" - Tuesdays at 12:15pm, Rm 14

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