Campus Life Middle School (CL-M) reaches young people through campus-based outreach and programming.  Promoting a balanced life approach. Campus Life M gives middle school kids the skills and hope they need to live in the world, and introduces them to the person of Christ and the truth of the Bible.  Known for its safe, fun and high energy weekly meetings, Campus Life also incorporates small groups, trips, events, one-on-one appointments, shared experiences, large group meetings, and much more.  

Campus Life M Club Schedule:

Computech (LIFE Club): Mondays 12:42- 1:22pm, Room 72

Fort Miller: Tuesdays Lunch A 10:54-11:29am Room 39

                                    Lunch B 11:53am-12:28pm Room 9

Kastner: Wednesday mornings 7:10-7:45am Room C5

Glacier Point: Wednesdays, Lunch A 10:45-11:30am Room 305

                                               Lunch B 11:30a-12:15pm Room 402

Clark: Thursdays, 11:44am-12:25pm Room D3

Sanger: Wednesday Nights 6-8pm

for more info contact: Carolyn, 237-4741 (office)


Campus Life Center:

Middle School Mania - Mondays 3pm-5pm

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