Tetyana Sokolovska

Ministry Staff: McLane Campus Life and Bullard CORE

Tetyana was born and raised in Ukraine. At the age of 16 she moved to the United States with her family and went on to graduate from McLane High School. In 2015 she received her Bachelor Degree in Sociology from CSUF.

Earlier in 2014, Tetyana started volunteering at Youth for Christ and was involved in its’ ministries such as Core (Friend2Friend), Campus Life, Parent Life, City Life and Juvenile Hall. Later that year she became the Site-Coordinator at McLane Campus Life Club.

Tetyana has great vision and passion to work with broken girls and guys that are in need of hope for better lives. The only way is to point them to Jesus. Therefore, Tetyana’s passion is to provide an environment of hope, love, support, peace, and strength through Jesus Christ. Furthermore, Tetyana’s vision is to deliver the great plan that God has for each young individual.

For contact, email: Tetyana [at] yfcnow.org